Plastic Auxiliary Machine

We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at plastic auxiliary machine. The following items are the relative products of the plastic auxiliary machine, you can quickly find the plastic auxiliary machine through the list.

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  • Immediately Recycling plastic crusher SG-FET

    Low speed running and noise, no dust flying.
    Double layer pulverizing and separation between coarse and fine pulverizing High efficient pulverizin

  • Strong Crusher Plastic Crusher SG-F

    Frame treated by thermal shrinkage, no looseness forever. Vibratory protection foot equipped to effectively suck the vibration generated by pulverizi

  • Hopper Type Plastic Dryer SHD

    The heating barrel is made from the stainless steel to ensure that the material is not polluted and easier to be cleaned.

  • Vertical Plastic Color Mixer SSB

    Double-layer stainless steel, vertical design fast and even stirring.
    Dismountable beater, stainless steel stirring room to facilitate cleaning.

  • dehumidifying dryer Drying machine SLD

    Suitable for drying of all kinds of plastic raw materials;able to dry material with different texture and color simultaneously,particularly for mater

  • Mold dehumidifying dryer SMD

    The device operational principle:the air pass rotating honeycomb then blowe off the dew on the mold,keep clean of the mold.

  • High Speed Plastic Mixer SSM

    Vertical design, less land occupied, easy dismounting.
    Automatic stop device, automatic stop in 0-30 minutes can be set.

  • Plastic rubber crusher /shredder SG-5641

    Adopted German reductor motor,structural durability.

  • Gravimetric Dosing and Mixing Unit SWH

    Use of Japanese advanced system module ,with the function of automatic calibration,program compensation:on ground type and on machine type.

  • Air-cooled Chiller SL-A

    The device can cool the water ranging from 7 to 35. The low cooling temperat can be customized as per customer's needs.

  • Mold Temperature controller STCH

    Alarm device for low liquid level to guarantee system running safety.
    Switch of main power source conforms to CE safety standard.

  • Volumetric Mixing Device Color Mixer SCM-(M)

    The screw is handled with chrome to be durable.
    The modular structure is easy to assemble&disassemble, clean and exchange.

  • Slab tubing type crusher SG-G

    SG-H Adopted the most advanced double V shape shearing technique.the special designed feed inlet can equip with automatic feeding .

  • Color Dose plastic mixer SCM-D(M)

    With the function of permanent memory and storage.
    Use of brushless DC-motor, no need for maintenance.
    Use of micro-computer control, intelligent

  • Mold Temp. Controller STC

    Controlled by PID micro computer, accurate humidity control.
    Pump (oil) overload protection to effectively ensure service life.

  • Water-cooled Chiller SL-W(K),

    The low cooling temoerature can be customized as per customer's needs the micro computer controls the system running and the temperature can be to 1

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