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  • Central Conveying System SDF-

    Central conveying system enables central processing and closed conveyance of raw materials. Completely eliminates noise,dust and hot air pollution.

  • Detachable Type Autoloader SAL-3HP(E)

    Accurate micro computer control and alarm attentions.
    Motor overload protection equipped to effectively prolong the service life of the motor.

  • Carbon Brush Autoloader SAL-800G(E)

    Separation design between the controller and the material hopper, which is convenient and simple to operate.

  • Vacuum Autoloade One Piece of Complete Type Autoloader SAL-360E

    The micro compute controls and the action is accurate.
    Out hanged air storage device to thoroughly clean the dust on the strainer.
    Electronic a

  • One Piece Complete Type Autoloader SAL-400

    Electronic action detector and low fault rate.
    Multi fault indicator lamp to facilitate the customer knowing the reason and handling in time.

  • One Piece Type Autoloader SAL-360

    Imported high speed commutator motor, small cubage and strong suction.
    Connection between operation controller and electric control box free and c

  • Mold dehumidifying dryer SMD

    The device operational principle:the air pass rotating honeycomb then blowe off the dew on the mold,keep clean of the mold.

  • dehumidifying dryer machine SLD

    The machine can provide the dry wind with the low dew point of -50℃ and meet the needs of project plastic production.

  • dehumidifying dryer SLH

    Combine the three functions of Drying, Dehumidifying and Conveying into one. Also can make the equipment convey the materials onto three hoppers acco

  • Hopper dryer for PET SHD-L

    1.The hopper is made from high quality of stanless steel to ensure that the materials won't be polluted.
    2.The out layer is made of special materi

  • Cabinet Dryer SD

    Suitable for drying of all kinds of plastic raw materials;able to dry material with different texture and color simultaneously,particularly for mater

  • Hopper Type Plastic Dryer SHD

    The heating barrel is made from the stainless steel to ensure that the material is not polluted and easier to be cleaned.

  • Precise Horizontal Plastic Injection Mold Machine GH130-210

    Characteristics of Clamping Unit
    3.1 Optimum designed double-toggle five-joint clamping mechanism has functions such as big force en

  • Horizontal Plastic Injection Mould Machine GH320

    Characteristics of Injection Unit
    Optimum designed screw with large L/D ratio enjoys features of wide application, good plasticization and high

  • used injection moulding machine GH210

    1,Screw of big length to diameter ratio.
    2, Multi step adjustment of injection speed or pressure.
    3,Back pressure control of molten

  • thin wall plastic injection molding machine GH170

    Power Saving Injection Moulding Machine
    High percision clamping.
    Low pressure mold protection

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