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10000.0 USD
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Trade Term: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean
Production Capacity: 30sets/month
Packing: General Packing Delivery Date: 40 Days
Brand Name: FL Camp force(KN): 2600
Toggle stroke (mm): 560 Soace between tie bars(mm): 570x570
Max.mould hight(mm): 600 Min.mould height(mm): 240
Ejector number (pc): 9 Ejector force (KN): 73.1
Ejector stroke (mm): 160

hydraulic plastic injection moulding machine
1.Clamping Unit

5-point double toggle clamping system

Mechanical &electrical safety devices

Low pressure mould protection

Controllable multi-stage mold open/close position ,pressure&speed

Fast mould clamping with differential device

Robust casting construction with strengthened tie bar for maximum service life and best molding results

Automatic mould height adjustment

Variable modes of ejector movement

Automatic central lubrication


Injection Unit

Double drive cylinder injection system with symmetrical oil circuit

Controllable multi-stage injection pressure,speed and position

Controllable multi-stage dwell pressure,speed and time

Controllable multi-stage charging speed , position and time

PID barrel temperature control

Screw plasticizing back pressure control

Suck back function

Plasticizing cold start prevention

Screw speed inspection

Self purging function

Effucient plasticizing device with strong torque hydraulic motor


Control System

Japaness controller with 10 inch LED color screen

Mold data storage

Linear transducer for clamping/injection/ejection control

English,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,Arabic and other language options


Hydraulic System

Effucient and sound reduced hydraulic system

Weldless oil circuit

Hydraulic proportional control

Hydraulic elements by well-known brand with high

Oil temperature alarm

Lunar series specification:

Screw specificationTABC
Screw diameter (mm)45505560
Screw stroke (mm)280280280280
Screw L:D(L/D)242220.519
Shot volume (cm³)445550665791
Shot weight PS(g)401495598712
Injection pressure(Mpa)299242200168
Dwell pressure(kgf/cm²)3046246820391714
Injection speed(mm/sec)80808080
Injection rate(cm³/sec)133.1157190226.1
Screw rotate speed (rpm)190190190190
Nozzle sealing force(KN)67.8
Nozzle advance stroke(mm)50
Heater power (KW)11.614.6
Clamp force (KN)2600
Toggle stroke(mm)560
Space between tie bars(mm)570x570
Max.mould height(mm)600
Min.mould height(mm)240
Ejector number(pc)9
Ejector force (KN)73.1
Ejector stroke(mm)160
Special pump pressure(Mpa)21
Standard pump pressure(Mpa)18
Machine dimensions(LxWxH) m6.5x1.43x2.2
Machine weight(T)9
Oil tank capacity(L)350
Pump motor power(KW)22



Two platen- full hydraulic;
providing complete injection molding solution
According to clients' requirement.

hydraulic plastic injection moulding machine

Check wire connector. Joint fastening wire will make joint position heat or sparks and damage, joint adverse will affect the signal transmission; joint contactor will by electromagnetic action of shock and is easy to loosen, therefore need to regularly check the line joint position and tighten. The 2 Motor General Motors are air cooling, dust accumulation will cause difficult heat dissipation, so every year for regular cleaning, usually in the circuit is provided with an overload protection device of cutter, the limited current is adjustable, shall be properly selected according to the motor power, at the same time, once the overload protection device to start, should determine the inspection whether the lack phase, contact undesirable or high temperature after the press back reset switch. 3 heating tube and thermoelectric heat tube should be incidental period check whether fastened so that can effectively heat transfer in burned, normal production of heating tube is not easy to be detected, so pay attention to the temperature controller works, from which to judge whether the normal heating tube. In addition the heating tube damage is common connection wires, as the joint of side, the increase of contact resistance, so that the connection of local overheating caused interface oxidation damage. 4 electromagnetic contactor contactor for electrothermal part because action intersection number is more frequent, the loss rate is also faster, if the main contact overheating melt adhesive may cause heating temperature control, so if found that exposure to overheat, sound or breaking when the fire is big, the table will damage, should be replaced.


Injection molding machine, injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main forming equipment plastic products, thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using plastic molding into various shapes. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all electric. The function of heating plastic injection, high voltage is applied to the molten plastic, so that the injection and full of mold cavity


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