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Ningbo Beilun Fully Machinery.Co., Ltd.

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The GH series high-speed thin-wall special machine independently developed by Ningbo Beilun Fully Machinery.Co.,Ltd, combines high-end control technology from Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries, breaking through a number of technical difficulties. The main body of the injection molding machine adopts a high-pressure, high-precision, high-response servo control system to ensure each operation Links are highly efficient and energy-saving. The injection system adopts the internationally leading dual-cylinder reverse oil circuit design. The injection pressure reaches the domestically pioneered 23Mpa, the injection speed can reach 500mm/sec, and the highest injection speed can be reached within 0.06 seconds. The design of the clamping mechanism and the frame uses 3D and FEM technology for force analysis, tailored for high-speed operation, increasing the operating speed and ensuring that the reciprocating accuracy of mold opening and clamping is controlled within the range of 0.5mm, which can effectively meet the high-speed thin-wall system The operation requirements of the injection molding machine make the production more stable.

Why Choose Us

In FL Machinery, we have full understanding of customer demands in a changing technology environment.
Our engineers are always striving for providing our customers the solutions that they need to stay ahead of the competition.
FL machinery assures product quality by using of high quality components from Europe, the USA, Japan, and Taiwan. By applying advanced 3-D software design, our engineers have come up with innovative and advanced machines that integrate the latest mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies into one machine, to produce very efficient and low maintenance plastic machines.
FL Machinery is of the best quality, with characteristic high rigidity, strong mould locking force and high injection pressure as well as high precision. Our machine is well known among customers by their durability, low energy consumption and reliability.
We FL Machinery welcome you and your valuable suggestions for our continuous improvement and sustainability.

Competitive Advantage

FULLY machinery is a reliable, durable, high efficiency, energy saving, high precision, the design concept of environmental protection, combined with Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries of the high-end control technology, for the different needs of domestic and foreign new and old customers with customized injection molding solutions and high quality products and services.

Quality Certificate

CE, ISO9001, ISO9001:2000
Main Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Mid East, Oceania, Africa